Ljubljana 2017 – 3. National Session of EYP Slovenia

European Youth Parliament is an independent and non-political organization, whose events are organised only by students and young people, it is present in more than 40 countries. Young people, by simulating the European Parliament’s sessions improve their skills in many areas, including skills of public speaking, argumentation, critical thinking, English language etc. Some of resolutions created during the sessions are later used by the real European institutions.

From 13. to 17. August 2017 in Ljubljana there will be the third national sessions of the European Youth Parliament of Slovenia, at which large number of young people, also from abroad will participate. Delegates will be participating in team-building activities, committee work and general assembly under the lead of some experienced peers and advisers. They will be discussing about the current problems, strengthening their competences and make new friends.

Vrhunec seje bo v obliki generalne skupščine 17. 8. 2017 v Evropski hiši, Dunajska 20, kjer bodo predstavljeni rezultati 5-dnevnega dela.
Kasneje bo v Hotelu Slon potekal Gala večer, kjer bosta zbrane nagovorila dr. Igor Šoltes in dr. Nejc Brezovar. Ostali ugledni gostje bodo sodelovali na nekaterih zgodnejših dogodkih seje.

The session’s climax will be the general assembly on August 17th in the House of Europe (Dunajska street 20), where participants will present the result of 5-days work. Later on everyone will meet in Slon Hotel for the Evening Gala, where dr. Igor Šoltes and dr. Nejc Brezovar will address the participants in speeches. The other honored guests will be participating at earlier parts of the session.


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Jaša Levstik (031 737 029, [email protected]).





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