For schools

For Schools

The European Youth Parliament is possibly the most outstanding non-formal educational project your students can experience. The academic, political, social and emotional implications are guaranteed to enhance their education and personal maturation to a very gratifying extent. They benefit, your school benefits, their family, their peers, their teachers…

If you are interested in joining an EYP Session with your school, get in contact with the EYP National Committee in your country for more information. You will find a group of motivated EYP volunteers willing to help introduce you and your students to the wide array of possibilities that EYP offers on local, national and international levels.


Na spletni strani EMP Slovenije uporabljamo piškotke, s pomočjo katerih izboljšujemo Vašo uporabniško izkušnjo in zagotavljamo kakovostne vsebine. Več o piškotkih

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