EYP International Network

EYP is an international network of 40 organisations and associations, present throughout all corners of Europe. These National Committees, such as EYP Slovenia, organise events in their respective countries, giving tens of thousands of young people the opportunity to exchange ideas every year. Events can vary from nationally to internationally focused, with the most common formats being EYP days, Regional Sessions, National Sessions, International Forums and International Sessions.

The Schwarzkopf foundation is the umbrella organisation of the EYP. The International Office of the European Youth Parliament is run by the Executive Director, who is supported by a team of project managers, assistants and long-time volunteers.

At an international level, EYP is governed by the Governing Body (GB), an international board representing the interests of the network as a whole. In collaboration with the National Committees and other members of the organisation, it establishes guidelines that ensure the quality and safety of the EYP’s activities. It also oversees three annual International Sessions. The GB consists of six members who are elected by the members of National Committees.

The National Committees are represented in the Board of National Committees (BNC), which has co-decision power with the GB. Proposals from the GB must be approved by the BNC, which meets biannually. The BNC can take initiative and introduce proposals to the GB.

EYP International Structures at a Glance

More information about the EYP international network can be found here.