EYP Slovenia

European Youth Parliament Slovenia was founded in 2013, with its first event organised in 2014. EYP Slovenia organises several events every year. Our flagship event is the National Selection Conference, where the participants can qualify for other events taking place all over Europe. We also organise several smaller events, like our Regional Sessions, and several one day EYP events, scattered throughout the entirety of Slovenia. We have held events in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Koper, Novo mesto, Nova Gorica, Slovenj Gradec, Sežana, and Ljutomer. EYP Slovenia also organises less formal events such as training weekends, featuring academic, communications and organisation trainings, as well as several socialising opportunities.

EYP Slovenia is a non-profit, independent organisation, with the status of an organisation in the public interest in the area of education run completely by volunteers. The quality of our events is widely recognised, as in 2021, we won the Slovene nomination for the Charlemagne Youth Prize for the 5th year in a row.

In the summer of 2021 EYP Slovenia will have the honour of hosting the 96th International Session of EYP in a hybrid format (online and in Ljubljana), one of the flagship events of the EYP international network, where over 300 participants from all over Europe will gather to discuss prominent European issues.

The day to day functioning of EYP Slovenia is the responsibility of the executive board. This is supplemented by the advisory board, tasked with offering support and oversight over the executive board. Both boards are elected for a one-year term at a members’ meeting, the organisation’s biannual constitutive events for all members.