Schools and Teachers

Even if the European Youth Parliament of Slovenia is more directly aimed at young people, we believe that both teachers and schools will find our work interesting. Hence, in EYP Slovenia we do our best to work with schools and teachers, so we may expand our reach, impacting students who wouldn’t otherwise know about this opportunity.

The EYP teaches a number of valuable skills, both in terms of academic discussion and social situations.

Language Skills

The language used in EYP Slovenia is English, which provides for an excellent opportunity for students to use the language in an environment of practical and meaningful application, expanding their vocabulary and sharpening their rhetorical skill.

Soft Skills

EYP is full of informal learning, where among other things problem-solving, leadership, initiative, leadership, tolerance and active listening are crucial.

Intercultural Exchange

All our events has participants, who come from outside Slovenia. This allows our participants to encounter an environment of different cultures, facilitating intercultural exchange and understanding.

Political Literacy

The topics discussed in EYP are current and relevant European issues, that foster an understanding of the European Union, its mechanisms and the solutions that can be found within the framework.

Teachers Speak out about EYP

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