Mission and Vision

Our mission

Raise awareness of current European issues, promote active European and Slovenian citizenship

Motivate young people to get involved in projects that work for the benefit of our society

Promote international cooperation, teamwork, diversity of ideas and intercultural dialogue

Contribute to the development of personal skills of European youth


We want to challenge our participants to broaden their horizons and transcend apparent boundaries – be it personal, cultural or geographical.

The session will take place during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, so we will focus on the importance of good international relations, especially at a time when we are facing many pressing issues that are not limited by national borders – they are European and global.

Emphasis on sustainable development

The young volunteers of our association are great advocates of working on sustainable development of the society in which we live in. During the 94th International Session of the European Youth Parliament – Ljubljana 2021, we will focus on several specific goals of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:


General accessibility of education

Our project will be open to young people from different socio-economic backgrounds from 40 different European countries. We will also make a special effort to include young people from deprived communities in the project.


Gender equality

All our events are based on equal representation of genders, which we ensure already during the selection of volunteers and participants.


Environmental protection

We want to continue the culture of Ljubljana as the European Green Capital of 2016. Thus, our entire strategy will be based on the use of environmentally friendly materials and minimising the carbon footprint of our participants during their stay in Ljubljana. From the moment the participants arrive, we will cover practically all distances between different venues on foot or by using public transport.



As already mentioned in the description of the umbrella theme of the event, we believe that we can achieve the most together – through local and international cooperation.