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European Youth Parliament Slovenia

Plešičeva ulica 27

1000 Ljubljana

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The Executive Board

President of the Executive Board


Selena Hozo

[email protected]

Leadership of the Executive Board and the representative function of EYP Slovenia. Managing EYP Slovenia’s finances and administrative role.







Amra Garić

[email protected]

Fundraising of funds and materials and applying for grants.





International Relations


Karin Pust

[email protected]

Representative of EYP Slovenia at the BNC, coordination of non-Slovene participants at EYP Slovenia events, and Slovenian delegations abroad.





Public Relations and Communications


Joao Lopes

[email protected]

External communication, branding, and media queries.




Project Management


Matic Hrabar

[email protected]

Implementation and oversight of all events organised by EYP Slovenia.





Human Resources and Regional Development


Sara Farsure

[email protected]

Internal coordination, membership, and smaller members events. Coordination with Slovene schools and delegations for regional and national selection sessions.




National Safe Person


Ela Bolčič

[email protected]

National Safe Person is an independent point of contact for any matter related to welfare and safety within EYP Slovenia. They are here for you if you need to talk during or outside our events. They are also available to anyone who wishes to file an official complaint, or wants additional information on welfare and safety policies.